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&&&&&&&&. Roses in bloom,peonies in color, loads of annuals. Veggies still available.  &&&&&&

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rain barrel
50 gal rain barrel

-50 gallon capacity rain barrel 
 -Secure closed design is child safe
-eliminates possibility of insect and mosquito breeding.
 -Front dispensing overflow outlet, moves water away from the downspout
 -solid brass spigot valve allows for easy hose hook-up.
-Flat back allows the Rain Wizard 50 to fit easily against walls.
In Stock ! $129.99

Tools from Holland
cape cod weeder, other root  cutting toos

-9 styles

-left and right handled 

cape cod weeders


   $29.99 to $39.99

Garden kneeler
garden kneeler or seat
kneeler as a seat

-use as a seat or kneeler

-folds for easy storeage




Cedar Bark Mulch
natural cedar bark mulch

-naturally repells insects

-finer bark smothers weeds

-available in 3 cu ft bags

[9 bags equals a cubic yard]


     $6.49 each


   3 for $15.50



10 for $39.99



Dyed mulch

-red or black

3 cu ft bags


     $6.99 each


    3 for $16.99


10 for $46.99


Sunshine soilless mix
certified organic soilless mix

-6 cu ft condensed into a

3 cu ft bale

-perfect for raised beds, planters,

and seed starting

-certified organic

-contains coconut coir for moisture




black black

-not certified organic

-no coconut coir

-6 cu ft compresssed into 3 cu ft bale



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