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Feather fixer
40# feed to encourage feather growth

40 lbs.

formulation to encourage feather growth


ADS double wall culvert

Double Wall Culvert
-highway grade
-smooth interior to resist silt biuld up
12 inch diamter[couplers available]
10 foot...$99.99
  20 foot....$159.99
18 inch diamter
   20 foot...$259.99

1oo foot rolls of perferated ADS
4 inch diameter ADS 100 ft coils

-100 , 250, or 10 foot lenghts
-4 inch diameter
-solid of perferated

full selection of fittings available too
90's, tees' wyes, and endcaps

10 ft....$7.99
100 ft.....$54.99
250 ft....$129.99

pine shavings

-in stock
-stored inside

Scratch Block
21 lb solid scratch block

-21 lb

-supplement as well as a treat



Egg Cartons
egg cartons

Egg Carton
  -paper fiber 2 x 6
available by the each

order ahead by the case
large size 250 count $89.99

Statesman Boots
Statesman Boots

GREAT VALUE!! In unisex sizes
Available in sizes (mens)6 to 14

(womens 7 to 15)


field runner (shown)..$59.99


Ag Runner

-up to knee


save around livestock and pets


Rat X

-save for use around livestock and pets

-1 1/2 to 2 oz doses recommended


     1 lb. bags in stock


hydraulic / transmission fluid
5 gal hydraulic fluid-meets transmission requirements too

PEAK Universal Tractor Fluid is a wide-ranging
 solution for farm tractors and implements 
meets torque transfer requirements,
as well as hydraulic and power transmission requirements

    5 gallon


stock watering tanks
rubbermaid stock tank

-in stock
    95 gallon...$89.99
    150 gallon...$149.99
[300 gal available on order basis $249.99]

all have bottom side drain on long side
also approved for wine making!!

50 lb trace mineral salt block
50 lb trace mineral salt block

Everyday    low price

always in stock!!

4 lb bricks available for $2.99

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