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asparagus roots
jersey supreme asparagus

Asparagus Roots
  -free directions
  - lots of work to plant
easy to maintain
  -2 year old roots
  plant now for heavy yields in
the future years
15 roots per bundle
jersey supreme

SF&G has a sceret for EASY

sweet potato plants are in!!
sweet potato- Georgia Jet

-4 varieties-Georgia Jet
  one dozen  $5.99
 Arrived thursday 5/12  afternoon
more arriving week before memorial day!!

Strawberry plants
ozark beauty
june bearing

JUST IN -this week 1st shipment!!
strawberry plants just coming out
of dormancy
 -perfect time to plant
 -this is the first shipment
a second will arrive in a couple weeks
 -15 plants per pack

  $9.99 per pack
Your choice everbearing [bear
smaller fruit June thru September]
or June bearing [ larger fruit the
year after planting]

seed geranums
seed geraniums

Seed Geraniums
 red, white,nad tones

of salmon and pink


SALE.. REG $4.99

 for 10 

a great value!!

rain barrel
50 gal rain barrel
65 gallon-with planter

-50 gallon capacity rain barrel 
 -Secure closed design is child safe
-eliminates possibility of insect and mosquito breeding.
 -Front dispensing overflow outlet, moves water away from the downspout
 -solid brass spigot valve allows for easy hose hook-up.
-Flat back allows the Rain Wizard 50 to fit easily against walls.
In Stock !  $119.99

terracotta colored
-65 gallon
-planter on top

only  $109.99
fully assembled

banana fingerling seeed potato
seed potato banana fingerling
rose finn apple fingerlings

     Russian Banana Fingerling Potato

and NEW

Rose Finn Apple fingerlings.
This tasty tuber is long, slender and yellow in color

 ALL seed potatoes now in stock

All blue, red norland , yukon gold,

russet, kennebec, katahdin,

and green mountain

large composter
7 cu ft composter

- capacity 12 cu. ft. 
-sits on a wheeled base for effortless turning
-Black color holds heat, accelerates composting 
-Fully assembled
 -made in the USA
-98% post industrial recycled polyethylene.


Earth box
earthbox garden kit refill
earthbox garden kit complete


gardening at the easiest

self  watering, fertilized , and mulched!!


also junior size earthbox for

smaller plants

Plant Protectors for longer growing season
plant blanket
aqua plant protector
floating row cover



aqua plant protector 3 pack

regular  $16.99



        $ 9 . 9 9


garden cart SALE
3 cu ftt garden cart

Poly Garden Cart
-3 cu ft
-200 lb capacity
-tool rack by handle
reg $49.99



childrens rain boots
childrens rain boots
children rain boots
womens rainboot

Loads of childrens
rain boots
-sizes childs 5 to 13
youth 1 to 4
 starting at $19.99

Womens rain boots
-sizes 6 to 10


Advanced #4 sunshine mix
sunshine #4 advanced hydroponic
sunshine #4 potting mix

Advanced #4 sunshine mix
- Hydroponic growing indoors and out with mix #4
-natural and organic,
-myco active Coco coir no burn formula lets you dictate your own feeding
   6 cu ft condensed into 3 cu ft bale

Sunshine Mix #4
 -ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening
 -Seven Mycorrhizae species. Greater concentration of Mycorrhizae
.-Low phosphorous fertilizer  encourage colonization
. -Long lasting wetting agent 
- increased horticultural grade perlite means greater root zone aeration
-6 to 8 cu ft compressed into 3 cu ft bale

The Naked Bee
Naked Bee skin care

-organic aloe&sunflower oil
-green&white tea extracts
 -made in the USA
-none of the 'bad stuff'
orange blossom honey soft scent
lip balm ...$2.99
foot balm...$9.99
moisturizing hand&body
   2.25 fl oz...$4.99
   6.7 fl oz...$9.99
hand & cuticle healing salve
some free samples are available

Weber Q 120 grill
weber Q 120 tabletop grill

-table top grill
-takes propane canister
but adapter for 20 lb tank available
    $179.99 value
S A L E  
while supply lasts!!!

agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

Polyresin Adirondack Chairs
molded resin adirondack chair

molded resin Adirondack chairs
-available in brown, tan, hunter green,
 coastal blue, sea foam green,
 and lavender

   $29.99 each
2 for $39.99

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