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All New Products and Specials

Rock Salt
rock salt
calcium chloride pellets

100% sodium chloride
50 lb bags
25 lb

calcium chloride
pellets  20lb
  50 lbs

backsaver shovel
back saver shovel

-rienforced metal bar on poly pan
-aluminum handle

tube sand
tube sand

-60 lb bags
-great for weight or traction aid

 $5.99 each


3 for $14.99

snow sleigh
straight handle 22 inch wide blade -snow sleigh
angeled handle- 27 inch wide blade-snow sleigh

yellow snow sleigh

-straight handle

-22 inch blade

-steel wear strip




blue snow slegh

-ergonomic handle

[push comfortably from different angles]

-27 inch wide blade

-metal wear strip




So much easier on your back!!!



Suet Plus-11 oz cakes
suet plus peanut butter
suet plus wild bird blend

All Suet Plus cakes


-peanut butter


-mixed seed


BUY 2  get one

   F R E E
$1.99 EACH


case of 12..$11.99



get a grip
ice gripper

Get a Grip
ice gripper
-med fits mens 7.5 to 10
  womens 8.5 to 11
-lg fits mens 10.5 to 13
  womens 11.5 to 13

N E W Hearth Mats
dark grid-fire resistant
light grid
5 designs to choose from

-21.6 inch x 39.2 inches

-machine washable

-fire resistant

-protects floors & carpets



save around livestock and pets


Rat X

-save for use around livestock and pets

-1 1/2 to 2 oz doses recommended


     1 lb. bags in stock


Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-by the bag or by the ton

-stored inside

  current price


                 per ton

price is holding in



call now to reserve yours.....

Peet shoe dryer
slow gentle heat-atachments available

-made in the USA

-slow gentle heat safe for leather,

rubber, synthetics


  regular $44.99

S A  L E


        $3 9 . 9 9

Boot Scrubber
brushes on 3 sides

- portable or permanent mount

-hardwood and steel construction



manual meat grinder
manual meat grinder- weston

-fine&coarse grinding plates
-food safe tin coating
-clamps to chairs and table tops
-protector pad to keep countertops


Carhartt bucket organizer
canvas bucket organizer
bucket organizer- full of tools

-fits a 5 gallon bucket

-available in carhartt brown or black


     $35 with the bucket

      $30 without bucket

Apple Peeler
back to basics apple peeler & slicer

-stainless steel blades, chrome shaft

-5 year warrantee

-peels and slices apples & potatoes


only     $21.99

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