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All New Products and Specials

Breyer Christmas Horse
2019 Breyer holiday horse

-limited quantities 



collectable stirrup ornaments 


Boot Trays
2 sizes of rubber boot trays

-2 inch lip


-2 ft....$24.99

-3 ft........$29.99

Team Pet Accessories
football, baseball, tug toy
neck scarf, collar,
bruins hockey puck, stick or tug toy

Red Sox, Yankee, Bruins,

Celtic, Patriot, even Giants


from $9.99 to


Rain Barrel

-55 gallon

-screened top

-spigot on base to attach to garden hose

or connect several together





Pet food or Birdseed storage containers
air tight sealed storage containers-30# or 44#

-smaller one stores

up to 30#



-larger up to 44#



price reflects a $5 savings


Both come with a measuring scoop

Boot Scrubber
brushes on 3 sides
new boot scraper ..metal and natural fiber

top one

- portable or permanent mount

-hardwood and steel construction



bottom one 


-'the best boot scraper'

-metal wire woven into natural bristles



Hamerwood pellets
hamer hot ones

-majority of pellets will give you

less than1/2 % ash

-ultra premium hardwood pellets

-stored inside


current PRICE


         $330 per ton

[a few ton left at this price-next load $340]


Also available

     Agway Wood Pellets

-softwood/hardwood blend


        $295.00 per ton


delivery available


both by the bag or by the ton

agway topsoil

.75cu ft bags
 $2.99 each
10 for $25
everyday !!

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